Monday, March 22, 2010

Funny Girl

Tonight at dinner Lila said: "Daddy I am going to save all of my money and pennies and buy Mama Teri a wheel chair to take to Disneyland when she is super old,  we will just pop her in and go!"   Well that is planing ahead.

Also said today by the very same girl: "I am going to be an Uncle when I grow up. Anya can have kids, but I don't want to, they can be crazy and drive my mind crazy."   Well she should know!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Playing Whack-A-Mole

What's going on here?

I have been neglecting this site, however my reason is good as I've been holding very still and recovering from an exhausting and painful game of whack-a-mole. Which is BORING!!!! I have never wanted to scrub toilets or load a dishwasher more.

A couple of weeks ago I went to the dermatologist for my annual mole check. Do you do that? If not make your appointment today!

I started my mole checks after my Dad had some melanoma removed, it runs in the family. So for the past few years I've made the annual trek to one of my favorite doctors. (really she is brilliant, and the mother of three gals as well) My usual visits include a check for abnormal spots, my questions answered and if there are any renegade moles she takes a picture them. (If there is any concern it is nice to have a baseline to compare to.) With this visit I had what my doctor called an active mole, with several things going for it. SO it was better off me than on, and a biopsy would tell us what we need to know.

If you want more information:
Skin cancer is no joke however if it's caught early enough it's very treatable, annual check ups are an important part of prevention, and treatments.
Have you made that appointment yet? Go ahead do it right now, I'll wait for you...

So I made the appointment and had it removed, and because my doc rocks it was completely removed just in case the biopsy tells us it's more than a mole trying to stand out from the crowd. For now it hurts and for two weeks I can't pick up ANYTHING, moving my back is not allowed. My folks, bless their hearts are retaining order and peace at my house while Paul is at work and then go back home at the end of the day to fall asleep in their soup.

All this because someone called me pastie back in school. I tell you what, if there is one great thing that the vampire genre of books has done that would be to bring good old fashioned pale back, no longer are we called pastie and told to go get a "healthy" glow. The only true glow comes from clean living, a healthy conscious and happy heart. Instead of a tan, for instance, consider a liver cleanse.

All this week I've been looking for something to do from my chair. I've taken advantage of the time catching up on my reading and surfing the Internet. (Sounds more active)
This is what I have been reading, check it out for a quick smile. Also this, this and that.


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Book Love

There are some books that when they first come out I say to myself: this looks good I need to read it now! The reality hits when I sign up for the book at the library and find that I'm 198th in line to receive it. You might ask yourself, why not just buy the book?

This is a fair question, most people do just that. However I love books too much, I read them fast and often, then if I have bought the book or if it was given to me (one of my favorite gifts to get) I can not will myself to ever give it up. So shortly before I turned thirty I stopped buying books unless I know I will want to read them again and again, or possibly need to reference them at three o'clock in the morning when the Library is not open.

This happens.

You never know when the urge to dig into P. G. Wodehouse will strike or the need to make sure Mr. Rochester and Jane are still doing well will arise. There are just times you need to exercise your little grey cells with Poirot, and cry with Anne as all hope is lost as she sees Captain Wentworth again for the first time. (There are too many reasons to really list them all here.) I digress.

I have to remind myself, when I see a shiny new to world to open, or a lovingly used tome to explore, that it comes down to too many books not enough space. So now I check them out of the Library first, buy them later. At least, most of the time I do just that.
Everyone has their kryptonite.

So the whole reason for this ramble about books is to sing the praises of, one I think I'll buy: The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, by Mary and Shaffer and Annie Barrows.

This is a book I first found out about through a newspaper review and immediately signed up for at the library only to be away when my turn came. Some time has passed and I was reminded again to read it this time!!! I have it in hand and now have fallen in love with the characters, and their stories. All this to say: it's beautiful, give yourself a little slice of the pie and try this book.