Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year's Eve

Life is quiet here in the zoo, we are all recovering from the whirl wind that was the month before Christmas and the marathon of Christmas week. Its been pajamas day every day this week, the girls love it and have been playing wii and with their My Little Ponies like crazy, they only change into clean pj's and dress up dresses when they are asked or as the occasion demands.

Personally I have been living in Cranford, my new book and the PBS Masterpiece Theater movie, and I love it. If you are not familiar with the series or more importantly the book RUN, don't walk, to your nearest bookstore and buy this book (It's a keeper) by Elizabeth Gaskell! Its all about the small town of Cranford and the ladies that inhabit it.

Cranford is such a good book of true feminism done right, the women are strong, opinionated, kind, soft, loving, and hilarious. I am charmed by it. Almost as good is the PBS series staring Dame Judy Dench, love her, just be warned you will cry just as much as you laugh. Just wait until you see the cow in pj's, or Miss Matty's romance. If you want to see it full episodes are on the PBS web site, it is really too good to miss!

Have a very Happy New Year's Eve and stay safe tonight, personally we will be staying in, eating egg rolls and toasting the New Year in with our little darlings. I can't think of a better way to celebrate.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Gingerbread Birthday

Annette's Birthday was definitely holiday themed this year (a break from fairies and princesses) and it was so much fun, several of her friends came over to help make gingerbread houses and celebrate her third year.

I made the little houses the day before using gram crackers that I hot glued together, it worked well, we had nice sturdy little houses to decorate, much better than real gingerbread although not if you were to eat it, but who really gets past the candy to eat the stale cookies anyway?

It's hard to know where all that candy and frosting went in the end, the houses or the kids, but it was a lovely day spent with friends and loved ones. Here are a few pictures of the sugar infused day.
new doll

waiting for friends!
Daddy's girl!

hard at work.

Mama Teri
Annette's house

cupcake #1

Cupcake #2 (later that night)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dear Santa

My kids wrote to Santa Claus this past week. Please indulge me while I share, the letters always crack me up, I hope they bring a smile in the midst of the hectic Christmas Season.

Anya's letter as written:

Dear Santa,
My year was fun, just like last year. How are Mrs. Santa, the reindeer, and the elves doing? Thank you for last years light board, and my little pony. I liked playing with them. Do you have any allergies that we should know about? We don't want you to get sick from foods we give you. Please may I have a back scratcher because my back is always itchy, an Etch a Sketch, a toy horse, a maple candy, a candy necklace, twix, a fruit candy cane and some bubble gum.

I hope you have a good trip through the snow. Love from, Anya

Lila dictated to mom while dancing around and twirling:

Dear Santa,
How is Mrs. Santa Claus I hope she is not sick, I love her and want to see her but never get to see her and your wonderful house. I will leave you some carrots for Rudolf. I hope you like the cookies I made. For Christmas I would like a my little pony Rainbow dash, a tea set, Mulan doll, bubble gum, and a lollipop ring. I would really like to see your house, reindeer and sled. I would like to live there with you. Love, Lila

Annette with help from her sisters:

Dear Santa,
How you day? I would like an ostrich, my own magna doodle, and pink or green doggy, Tinkerbell lost treasure movie, a little princess doll Aurora or Snow white. Some chocolate. Annette

Our Visit with Old St. Nick

Santa is big at our house, of course I realize he is big everywhere, I mean no one could eat that many cookies and get away with it to even St Nick, just think of his tailoring bill in January.

Our Santa sighting began on Thanksgiving with the Macy's parade, Annette just stared at the TV she couldn't believe her eyes, all the while her sisters were running in circles yelling its "Christmas time, Santa Claus is coming to town!"

A week or so later in the middle of Anya's Norwegian dance class one of the mothers ran in to tell us Santa was upstairs and to come quickly. As I went up the stairs holding Annette she was vibrating with excitement and whispering "Santa, Santa, Santa" After that in the car her favorite song became " You better watch out you better watch out, Santa Claus is coming to town!" (her version)

Last week we went to see him and get the girls picture with the big guy, although I'm not sure who was most excited, the girls or Grandpa, we had to drag him away after Santa gave him his candy cane. Here are some pictures of the event.

Monday, December 14, 2009

God Jul! Let Christmas begin!

We like to pass down some of our cultural heritage to to the little ones, and part of that is Norwegian folk dance the whole family is involved one way or another. The photos are from the St. Lucia program that is also the dance group's Christmas party, we dress up, perform and then everyone joins us to sing and dance around the Christmas tree, this is a tradition that the kids and I LOVE , Annette was beside herself with the fun of it. We are in our Bunads, Norwegian folk dress, next year the plan is to have Paul in one as well!