Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What, its the end of July already???

I can hardly believe July is almost over. I remember the "lazy days of summer" when I was little the summers lasted forever, now it seems like a blip on the radar. This entry is going to be a bit a mish-mash of July, I had trouble downloading photos before and it delayed things a bit. July started well with our 8th anniversary, we had a rare date night going to dinner at Elliot's Oyster House in Seattle. Yummy, and no we didn't have the oysters, but Paul ordered a choppino that was as beautiful as it tasted. I had wild mushroom ravioli with dungeness crab and asparagus, in a cream sauce, my favorite however was our starter of steamed clams sauted with chorizo and bathed in a buttery, brothy, cream sauce. I could have had that and been perfectly happy. Unfortunately no pictures as it was devoured before the camera could go off.
We had fireworks at our church party that the kids thoroughly enjoyed, and the 4th of July parade and Tiny Town in Kingston. The Pictures above are some from Tiny Town, pony rides face painting, arts and crafts, bouncy rides and go carts all part of the fun that day. We Had Fun! To top it all off we had a Lemonade stand at Grandma Teri's that day and our Cousins were with us to to celebrate that night. Too fun, and that was just how the month started with a bang!
Hanging on in the midst of a whirl wind summer!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Ice Cream Dreamin'

My gals spend the summer months straining to hear the sweet sound that one only hears from May to September: The twinkling song of the Ice Cream Lady. No other song stirs them so well, makes their little hearts swell than the strains of "Here we go round the mulberry bush" emanating from the little jeep running through the neighborhood. And to be truthful they come by is quite honestly, their parents run to meet her as well. Of course that is the most exciting form of ice cream: the stuff that come right to your house when you least expect it. The gals also go gaga for the hunt. "I see ice cream!" we hear it in every town we go through every visit to grandma's house, Costco, or as they go rummaging through the freezer. When in doubt with what to eat they suggest very coyly "Ice cream is aways good. They're right it is always good.