Thursday, January 13, 2011

Winter Zoo Life

Our most recent snow, and the gals snow woman

Yes, we always clean wearing helmets and tutus. 
You never know cleaning can be dangerous, best not to take any chances.

St. Lucia Delivering rolls to Mama and Papa.

Cell phone walkie-talkie, hit present of Christmas.

Our St. Lucia bringing rolls to Mommy and Daddy.

My bathing beauties.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dreaming of Violets

It's not often that you can see dreams unfold before your eyes and when they do you really need to cheer, take a moment and acknowledge it.   This is one of  those times.   

Growing up in the beach community of Sandy Hook I had a friend, we played, rode our bikes, swam, tried to beat each other in tennis, planned and talked about life, she was pretty sure even then of what she wanted to do and accomplish in her life.   She wanted to be her senior class president, and had her campaign well planned out even then, to be the next big tennis player with a grand slam under her belt.  To be a writer.  Not stopping there she self published a local newspaper that was, as I remember it, eagerly anticipated and enjoyed  by all those in the community.  I remember being recruited to help with it once and what fun I had.  

Many of us dream, few of us follow our dreams with determination  to see it through, however my friend and author Sarah Jio has done just that, writing a book that I am so looking forward to reading I will share now before it's even out.  This is a trailer for her book THE VIOLETS OF MARCH that is coming out April 26th, check it out and think about what dreams you have yet to tackle, it's a new year, what a great time to start!

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