Sunday, December 28, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!  I hope this finds you well and happy, as we are this holiday. 
 Our Christmas started with a bang of the door and Anya running in to announce that Christmas had arrived and Santa had come!  She was so excited, and quickly her sisters followed behind to wake up the house and rip open their gifts.  The gals were also happy that my brother Paul spent the night to experience the Christmas spirit with the girls,  it was a pretty busy, fun morning for all.  After all that we still were to head over the river and through the woods to Grandmothers house for 2nd Christmas.  We had and will have four Christmases total when Paul's folks returned home from their Arizona Christmas, and when my Aunt Cheryl and Uncle Greg come to their Washington beach home for the holiday and to bring tamale Christmas, the girls like all these parties and they think this should happen every day.  So the Christmas party goes on and the spirit remains, but I think it might be time for a nap.   

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Annette

Happy Birthday little one whose favorite color is: yellow. Hard to believe two years have gone by , you've grown teeth and wings, through the house and up those stairs you can fly, and you're talking all the time. What a busy girl God has blessed us with and we thank him everyday. We love you very much Annette June!

Disneyland Pictures at Last!

Here it is December and snowing and I am just posting our vacation pictures now, however keep in mind that I live in a ZOO. Our trip was fun and warm! We left our home on a cold morning and arrived in California's 80 degree sunshine just in time for my baby brothers wedding rehearsal. We had a great time the girls were very fine "Wedding Girls" and the bride was beautiful, it was quite a party! After partying their little hearts out at Uncle Tristan and Aunt Brittney's nuptials the girls were ready for: DISNEYLAND.

DISNEYLAND!!!! is really how the words appeared in my mind as we drove up to the Disneyland hotel, entered the park and even now as I sit in 26 degree weather watching the snow coming down. It's my favorite place to go and I know the girls, and my Aunt Patty agree: It's fun fun fun. Lila loves rides that are fast and wet is even better, she even went up to meet the pirate Captain Jack Sparrow after he followed her around! Anya preferred the more mellow rides this year although splash mountain and the Grizzly river ride were favorites for both. Annette of course loved Winnie the Pooh and the Carousel. The girls went to the Princess lunch and brought along Mamma and Papa and their parents. It was a highlight for them to visit with all the Princesses and wear their princess dresses. In the end it was hard to leave, as Anya told us crying in the bath the night before departure, and plans are already in the works for the next trip to the "Happiest Place on Earth".