Monday, June 23, 2008

Lemonade Anyone?


We celebrated the first day of summer by having lemonade stand! It all started with Anya's desire to have her own lemonade stand to raise money for our upcoming trip to Disneyland to buy souvenirs. I thought that, while this was a great idea, she could donate some of her earnings to the local food bank: Fishline. Then Daddy found in the paper one day that Crayons Lemonade was giving away stands and lemonade to 1,000 kids across the nation, with all the proceeds from the stands to go to the charity of the child's choice. So we signed up and received our lemonade and stand and we were off! Instead if making money for herself she donated to Fishline and had a great time doing it. Even Lila got into the act calling out "Fresh Lemonade, nice and tasty." when it was her turn at the stand. We will still let her have a stand for Disneyland, but I think this was a great way to kick off Anya's entrepreneurial career. The kids also had a great time that day 'helping' at our church's car wash for and upcoming missions trip. All in all it was a full but fun way for our family to celebrate Midsommer.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Snow In June

My Children.

You would never know by looking at them, that these sweet little things could cause such havoc, and bring a chill down the spine of their mother. Yes, kids are known to create the occasional messes here and there, to be picked up quickly before naps and bedtime. But what I'm talking about is the atomic bomb kind of mess that happens fast, and when you're least expecting it.

It all started when I decided to clean out our laundry room. Nothing had really happened to organize this space since we moved in, besides the quick clean for sanitary purposes we had been giving it. This was our least remembered room, and in a fit of desperation for space and organization to bring peace and clarity to my laundry time, I dug in. Little did I know so did the kids. All three of them playing for all they were worth, and never once looking back, or putting anything away. The little darlings had a really good time. Well, I did get the laundry room clean and much more functional; now all I have to do is plan my strategy well and hope I can finish the playroom by morning. My mother has a plaque on her wall the says: "Cleaning the house while children are growing, is like shoveling the walk while its still snowing." In my case it can feel like a blizzard, but that's OK, because I know when I was a little girl there was nothing better than the occasional snow storm. Just like clean is good for the soul, a little mess is good for the spirit.

I'll be back, but for now I have to find the baby.


Monday, June 9, 2008

And A Good Time Was Had By All

Ah, Spring! Time to start enjoying all the outdoors has to offer, the kids clamor to get out of the house and the beach calls our name. SO we go, Paul and I bundle up the kids , grab extra towels, clothes, jackets and of course ski hats, jump in the zoo mobile and head for our favorite spot:

Fort Warden beach.

A quick trip to the store for sandwiches, and we are off for a glorious day at the beach. After a lunch hastily eaten, the girls made a beeline for the water, as only northwest kids do. Who cares if it is only around 50 degrees outside and the sun isn't out, we are at the beach!!! Thank goodness for rubber boots, and polar fleece.


Friday, June 6, 2008

Changing the World, One Diaper at a Time

Hello, I have a new way to find my blog @ Paul, my husband and head Lion at the zoo, made the link with the intent to add it to his business web site:

A little info about my zoo: We are a family of five. Dad is as mentioned before the lion of the family, I am head zoo keeper, and all that entails. We have three beautiful little girls, Anya a giraffe, Lila the monkey, and our little koala bear Annette, all sweet, funny and very busy. Ages six, three, and 18 months.
This past year has been a fun one. I am a teacher who "retired" to start a family, and just downsize to a smaller class size of diverse age, and needs. My class goes everywhere with me. I mean that quite literally as most mothers can attest, how many of us have had an interrupted shower or bathroom break? We have classes in everything: from the basic three R's, to cooking classes for all ages, car detailing, art, gardening, child care, decorating, religion and politics. You get the idea. Our kids are our life, teaching them is what we do, with some very funny results... After talking about the stars one day, how to find the big dipper etc. Lila our three year old said: "Look mommy, I see the big diaper!".
It is so exciting to see them learn; I had a thrill when Anya read her first book to me, and with Lila learning her letter sounds we are well on our way to another reader. I look forward to the day they join me in our own Jane Austin book club. I already have them hooked on the movies.

More to come later, but the zoo calls.


Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Today I find myself doing something a bit out of character for someone that never kept a journal, or even checks her email. I have started a blog. Deciding to step out of my comfort zone, like starting at the gym, and taking kickboxing class, I am once again starting something new this year, and must be crazy. Three kids, a house to remodel, homeschooling, potty training, a husband with his own business that is expanding, and trying to go even "greener". I am crazy, but stepping out of your box can be fun.

Speaking of potty training I have just discovered a new method: "The Dolly In A Box". My three year old Lila, the monkey in my zoo, has found herself too distracted with playing to stop and take the refreshing break so needed to keeping pants dry. Ah, motivation is needed and as princesses are beloved around here, we bought her a sleeping beauty doll. The closest thing to barbie these girls will ever have. It worked, after some tweaking, she will drop anything to visit the bathroom for her "dolly in a box". I love that little doll.

Crazy or not here I go,

The Zoo Master: Alisha