Monday, November 30, 2009

Our favorite time of Year

Excited doesn't quite describe life here at the zoo, our Christmas tree is up! The tree only has it's lights and one little bird, but the girls are getting ready to change that soon, Christmas music has been playing since Halloween around here, we are baking and little secrets are swirling around. I LOVE this time of year, it just sparkles with the little girls, you can see the sugar plums dancing in their eyes.

Here are some of last years pictures to kick off the season on the blog, hopefully we will have better luck with Santa this year, but the picture is classic.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Happy Reformation Day or Halloween!

October was fun but fast, as usual, I think kids might have something to do with that. We visited with family, dressed up some and ate a TON of candy the two little ones got hair cuts (well, at the end of September). Now that I've had time to scrap the kids off the ceiling, were they landed after all the sweet stuff, I have time for a quick post.

We had fun for Halloween Anya was a Faerie of course, Lila wanted to be a "white bird" and Annette said "I want to be a Chipmunk!". I made the little gals costumes out of hoodie sweatshirts to wear over their clothes to stay toasty for our downtown trick or treating. I love how Lila's turned out.

Paul was Martin Luther for the reformation party. I had him carry a dish of gummy worms, so he could be Martin Luther and the Diet of Worms. For those not familiar with reformation history, he was tried at the Diet of Worms for posting his 95 thesis against the Catholic Church. Very cool history, I recomend looking into it.