Saturday, October 18, 2008

What Happened??? or Time Flies When You're Having Fun

It was the start of September and everything was going well, things were on track. Come to think of it that should have been my first warning that storms of activities were approaching fast. Here I am in the middle of October and getting ready to head down to my baby brother's wedding and Disneyland; and I keep thinking that the past month has zoomed by. My kids are thrilled, I mean Disneyland can't come soon enough and Brittany, my brother Tristan's bride, asked them to be flower girls. ( They call themselves the wedding girls) So the little ladies are over the moon as you can imagine. As fast as this month and a half passed life did happen and here is what we have been up to at the Anunson Zoo.

Tristan and Brittany came for a visit and we all went to Camano for my cousins wedding, Norwegian dance started for Anya and I'm helping teach this year, Dad came over with a builder and helped take care of some much needed repairs and improvements to our house, and installed our new windows for us. THANKS DAD!!!! Shopping for the trip and a big project for me: making princess dresses for the girls to wear to the princess lunch, loads of pink tulle, organza and Tylenol. (Check in later for pictures and stories.) That last one I finished just in time to send the dresses down to California with my folks as they are taking all the bags down early on the train with them. Big relief to have the dresses and the packing done. One of the fun things things were my Aunts coming to visit they came at different times and it was so fun to see each one and their hubbies that came too! Two are coming on the trip with us which should be lots of fun. Aunt Patty is as excited as the girls and me about Disneyland, and that is really saying something as we can hardly sleep for the excitement of it.
There were a bunch of other things that happened as well in between but I'll stop with that. My computer is running slow today but I will try to add some pictures later, until then keep reading!

Next Up: Our Grand California Adventure