Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Quick, quick before April is really over: A little news from the zoo

I have been a bit remiss about posting lately, The blog has been still, but the zoo is a busy little place. The weather here has been fine and we have started back with our walks to the park to air out. The girls are excited to be back and not to bundle up for a day out, and I loved how worn out we all are after our outings.

March brought many fun moments and seemed to fly because of it. Anya's Birthday was a fun day, we went to the Dancing Brush Art Studio to paint teacups with our friends and Grandpa took some great photos I will post soon. There was also a kite making party at church, followed by a kite flying picnic, I missed the picnic because Annette was under the weather, but I hear that the gals were in their element running around like crazies trying to get their kites to fly. Again Papa has pictures, they will be up soon.

As April dashed in we celebrated Easter and Lila accepted the Lord into her heart in Sunday school, I am her teacher and it was very special to help her as she came to an understanding of God's great gift to us, His Son. We rounded out our day with an Easter egg hunt and party at Grandma Teri and Papa Mark's house. Annette is just sure that chocolate should be the main staple in her diet, she can't help it's in her blood.

Lila asked the other day if broccoli was good for her she said: "It's full of vitamin seeds isn't it mom?
Also said by Lila: "You know God, and Jesus and the Holy spirit?... They're just really great guys."

Also, I almost forgot, Annette is daytime diaper free!!! This is a great day for me, and we're all doing the happy dance at the zoo. That kid will do anything for chocolate!