Thursday, July 23, 2009

My Eyes

Hello there. Its been awhile however I have a good reason this time: I couldn't see!

In May I came down with Irititus Uvitis, a fun name to say less fun to have happen to you. The cells in my eyes were inflamed and while I could see somewhat it was like having lotion in my eyes or living in a smokey world. To top it off the treatments were steroid drops, not a problem, and keeping my eyes dilated 24/7 with drops, not as easy, and some herbs that taste, I swear, just like dirt. All of a sudden I couldn't focus or go out into the light without sunglasses and guaranteed headache. My kids faces were blurs, I couldn't see to take care of injuries or read to them, and cooking became extra fun. (Are those carrots I'm chopping? How hot is the oven?) Reading wasn't possible except for the hour before my next round of drops and if I tried really hard. I did find the joys of large print and have a whole new appreciation for the elderly and their sight issues. My mother bless her became my driver, and Dad the babysitter for my numerous doctor visits.

I am happy to say as of this week I now have a clean bill of health and only have to see the eye doctor if this pops up again or for a normal checkup. I started going to our local Acupuncture and wellness clinic for Chinese medicine and herbal treatments the day after my diagnosis and that's an interesting experience unto itself, I know it's been helpful, even my eye doctor and his family go to the same place! So going through one of my worst fears (losing my eyesight) it took a small army to help me, but God is good and life is back on track. Bring on the books, and let the adventures begin!