Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Fine Arrangement

Hello my name is Alisha and I am addicted to rearranging furniture.

I am an addict. Its true, and I am really not ashamed of it, but there it is: I'm an addict, I love moving furniture around trying new things and then sometimes moving them right back again.

I do come by this naturally, and I blame my mother primarily, however there are others who share in the blame as well. To make matters worse I'm passing this (some say sickness, yes Paul I am talking to you) down to my daughter who shows signs of greatness at an early age, rearranging her room before she was two.

My mother loves furniture and decorating, it's one of the things that just makes her tick and she's good at it; the first thing she sees in a room is placement of furniture and all the other ways it could be arranged. Some people look for emergency exits my mother looks at the arrangement of the room. She could get trapped during an earthquake, but would give at least three alternate room designs while waiting to be rescued. It's not the quality or style of the furniture that she is looking for because she sees the potential for everything and has a great imagination, but the arrangement of the room is what counts. It's no wonder I grew up thinking like that as well: rooms were made to change.

It always started with a simple request and we would be off and decorating. Mom would say: "Honey could you help me move this sofa? Oh and we will need your brother too, we need to get this done before Daddy gets home." I remember after helping her drag chairs and straighten rugs, add lamps and fluff pillows I would go to my own room and start moving things around, and now my daughter is in on the act as well.

When Anya was two and a half and I was as big as a cruise ship and due at any minute to have our second baby I attempted to move the living room furniture around. It seemed like an good plan at the time, and there was no way I was waiting for Paul to come home to talk him into his least favorite activity.
All I remember is crying because the sofa wouldn't budge and calling out, "Anya help mommy, I can't move the couch." and then after trying in vain to move the thing we gave up on the room to watch Winnie the pooh curled up on a crooked sofa in the middle of the room. But that was all it took and she was hooked, Anya felt like she was part of the team. When rearranging the furniture several years later she came up with her own floor plan carefully drawn out for me to follow, (Something I never, do but her Grandma Teri has been known to hanker after graph paper.) and proceeded to direct her father in moving things around.

She is a natural, just like her grandmother.

As for her sisters they show potential, just the other day Lila said "Mommy its time to move, I'm bored with this house." And so it begins.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Teething Pains

Anya lost her two front teeth. It was a very exciting event and they were also the first teeth that came out with out hysterical crying from Anya after it was over. Yeah!!! Although I almost lost it.

Anya calmly took out the first front tooth with a little help and everything was going well, the tooth fairy came, we struck our usual deal, (She leaves the teeth for Mommy but rewards Anya for her hard work.) and went about as normal. But then the second tooth became dangerously loose, there was concern that if we left if hanging around in that condition Anya may never eat again! So Anya worked at it and in the end had Mommy do the dirty work and we removed the tooth. Team work, Anya was happy and for a minute so was I.
Then it came to me that was THE TOOTH, the tooth that took my sweet gummy baby into a smiler with the pearly whites.
All of a sudden I was back to that moment, the very moment that it occurred to Paul and I our tiny baby was teething, her gums hurt sure, but it was a reminder that time moves on whether or not you are ready for it. I had loved that gummy toothless smile, it was the cutest thing you have ever seen, and now it was changing, and it gave me an odd ache. The same ache that I felt when, I packed away her newborn clothes while crying that she wouldn't wear that very onsie again. I know to some of you that might seem silly and I know that I can be a bit, OK at times quite, emotional. However I would think that most of you moms out there know what I'm talking about in some way, perhaps you handle it with more grace. I cry over the milestones, happy to see progress but sad to let some thing go. ( I even cried over Anya's last diaper) Anyway there I was again crying (in my heart, not wanting to freak Anya out) about a tooth, the tooth that started it all, when I remembered a poem that I'm sure some of you know that tells us to stop and smell the baby lotion, savor the loose teeth and all those little finger prints. I'm putting it on the blog and writing about all of this to remind all of us busy mommies caught in our days to stop what your doing, and give a cuddle, listen to a story, take a mental picture for tomorrow, :
Cleaning and scrubbing can wait 'till tomorrow for children grow we've learned to our sorrow. So quiet down cobwebs... dust go to sleep. I'm rocking my baby and babies don't keep.

I have come to terms that her smile is changing and am so excited by the new things that come around, like reading to her sisters, riding a two wheeler, and trying to tell jokes, motherhood is never boring that's for sure. I just might need a box of tissues that's all.